Awake and Dreaming.

Happy New Year Folks!

Pillow Talk

Yes, Yes, I know, long time, no type. So, to make up for my shockingly poor, and, some say, downright tardy lack of interwebular presence, I thought I’d share the little interview that I did recently with those splendid people over at that bastion of good musical taste, Real Gone.

Yes, humble reader, it’s all there in black and white and as plain as the I suppose on your boat race. “Gasp at the acrimonious band break ups”……”fill your voyeuristic boots with bitter ex-wives testimonies”……”nod your head sagely at the tales from rehab” and “look on in awe at the majesty that is the Derek Nimmo concept LP” are just some of tag lines that may or may not apply to the content of this fine piece of rock journalism. Anyhoo, it was great to spend an afternoon shooting the breeze with those guys and I had a lot of fun revisiting the making of The Grown Ups. You can read the interview in full right here: Awake & Dreaming.

It Lives!

I’m back treading the boards this month on Saturday 31st in support of those fine purveyors of clever pop, The 1957 Tail-Fin Fiasco. I’ll be heading to the Far East, well, alright, it’s actually The Soundhouse in Colchester, but, seeing as it’s not on the Central Line, I’ll pack the traveller’s cheques just in case!

And if you need a double shot, then I’ll be sharing the stage again with my good pals and “Tall Men of Rock”, Jinder and Peter James Millson at the Green Note in Camden on February 19th. For those of you watching in black and white, I’ll be the vertically challenged one……As ever, show times, venue info, tickets, etc can be found in the “Shows” section.


January moment of Zen

Here’s my long, lost producer, Jim Boggia, lost in France (sans Bonnie Tyler) and if there’s a more heartfelt tribute to Ian “Mac” McLagan, then I’ve yet to see it.

RIP Mac xxx

Peas and fluff,


Mick x


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“Can’t sing, can’t play, what’s his name……”

“Cor Baby, that’s really free”.

Yes folks, I will be supporting “Rock ‘n’ Roll’s greatest failure”, the one and only John Otway on November 26th at The Wanstead Tap. There is no one else in the world like John Otway and our little spinning globe is all the better for it. There’s not many CV’s that boast incendary performances on the Whistle Test, Top of the Pops and The Young Ones, hiring The Odeon Leicester Square to show a documentatry of your life and having an LP produced by Pete Townsend. Phew! As if that wasn’t enough, he also found time to star in ITV’s “Supergran”. Please come on out and celebrate this truly unique artist. Headbutts on request.

Right, now where did I put those black jeans…………..



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RAM on!









Sitting here pondering about the completion of my 2nd LP (Calling Mr Jim Boggia…..) and exactly which formats to release it on, when I came across this article about Macca on (see link at bottom of page). I’m wondering if this is the way to satisfy both my inner liner notes geek and my bank manager? It’s certainly the most exciting use of the digital platform that I’ve seen so far. Hope springs eternal.

Paul McCartney Releases 5 Classic Albums as iPad Apps

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March Madness

Hey Folks!

Happy season of Lent!

Quick and dirty this month. I’ll be making my annual appearance at the “Under the Influence” night at the Boogaloo in Highgate this coming Monday (24th March). This month, it’s the turn of the blue collar boss himself, Bruce Springsteen! Expect singalongs, checked shirts and tales of cars and girls. Hopefully, “The Big Man” will watching over us too! All kicks off at 8pm, £3 on the door. Now where did I put that sleeveless denim jacket……

Studio update:  Four to the floor! Yes the floor is going daaarrhhnnn this week and hopefully I’ll be writing the next newsletter from the studio. You’ve no idea how good that last line sounds. Expect pictures, soundbites and donation requests to help pay for the damn thing!

2nd LP news: Jim Boggia continues to weave his magic and it just keeps sounding better and better. Rumours of “Rumours” type excess are, sadly, untrue

And, just in case you missed it, here’s your little moment of Zen from last year’s “Under the Influence” show.

March, just like February, but, with more days and less letters.

As usual, all the finer details can be found over at

“We liked the same music, we liked the same bands, we liked the same clothes”

Peas and Fluff,
Mick x

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Under The Covers

Hey Folks!

I trust you had a cool yule and I wish all a very Happy New Year.

Right, short and sweet (like me) this month. I’m kicking off the new year with a show at the  legendary 12 Bar Club on Monday 27th January and treading the boards alongside me will be my my great friend and partner in minor key crime, Peter James Millson. As you may already know Peter’s soon to be released debut LP, ‘Sweet The Love That Meets Return’ was produced by my good friend, Danny George Wilson. Peter and I will each be playing a solo set and then, as a little bit of fun to round off the evening, we will serenade you with a set of our favourite cover songs. Hmmm, I’m thinking along the lines of something from The Posies, maybe a bit of Prefab Sprout and any other bands beginning with the letter P that we can think of. Also, as if that wasn’t enough audio yummyness for your earholes, we have the very lovely Sadie Jemmett opening up the evening for us.

Studio update:  The dust has almost settled on my home studio build and I’m hoping to get the power connected this week (frying tonight anyone?). So, it’s so long plasterboard and hello interior furnishings. Rumours of Laurence Llewelyn Bowen’s involvement are highly exaggerated………

2nd LP news: I have, once again, been enjoying the sights of a pixelated, out of sync, Jim Boggia, in Kawari Studios in Philadelphia via the wonders of the interweb. That boy has been real busy hustling up the finest players that my PayPal account can afford to lay down some killer parts on my songs. We’re so close to being finished, but, still not quite there. All good things come to those who are separated by the Atlantic ocean……….

And, just in case you didn’t manage to get your Christmas freak on, here’s your little moment of yuletide Zen

So there you have it! January: just like December, only with less drinking and family feuds.

As usual, all the finer details can be found over at

“Stretch your eyes, invite the sun”

Peas and Fluff,
Mick x

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You Still Believe In Me

Hey Folks!

Long time no speak. I hope you all enjoyed the great summer weather and that you survived Hurricane Bertha or whatever the not-so great storm was called.

First up, the Living Room Scene returns  from its summer break with a storming bill that sees not one, not two, but, three, count them “1, 2, 3″ great artists joining me on stage. First up we have the return of musician/photographer/rake Peter James Millson. Peter’s debut LP, ‘Sweet The Love That Meets Return’ is due for release in February 2014 and was produced by my good friend, Danny George Wilson. I’ve been lucky enough to have had a sneaky listen and I can tell you that it’s a stone cold classic, melodic pop masterpiece.

Next up (and making his first appearance at the Living Room Scene) we have Jinder. Folk-pop singer/songwriter and troubadour Jinder was dubbed ‘the tallest singer/songwriter in Britain’ by the independent and he has toured with the likes of Deacon Blue, Sinead O’Connor, the Proclaimers, Jackie Leven and Henry Priestman, Jinder, playing everywhere from the Royal Albert Hall to the Dog and Duck.

And, as if that wasn’t enough, completing the Songwriter Circle we have the legendary Nelson Bragg. For those of you who don’t know, Nelson’s day job is playing percussion with the Beach Boys and the Brian Wilson Band, but, he is a superb Power-Pop songwriter in his own right and recorded one of my favourite versions of “God Only Knows” with The Mockers. He also has a superb new LP out called “We Get What We Want”  which should be at the top of your Christmas list. This will probably be my last show of 2013, so please come on out and support these great acts. As usual, the show kicks off at 8:45pm in the upstairs room at the Betsey Trotwood , so get down early as this could be a busy one!

2nd LP update!
By the wonders of the interweb, I was able to virtually attend the latest studio session in Philadelphia where my good friend/Producer/Mad Scientist, Jim Boggia, held court and supervised the recording of the Horns on my record. I’ve been listening to the rough mixes and all I can say is that Christmas has definitely come early for this little boy. I’m hoping for an early 2014 release, so watch this space for more news.

“Stand By Studio”:
I have finally taken the plunge and decided to build myself a little recording studio. With the considerable help of best buddy and producer of  “The Grown Ups”, Mr Mick Wilson, I am currently knee deep in timber frames, isulation, plasterboard (drywall for our American reader) and enough electrical sockets to power a small country. Hopefully, I’ll be hosting some “Stageit” style internet shows and providing some sneak peeks at the my new record too. It’s been a long time since I’ve had my own music space and I’m excited beyond words, especially as my trusty old Wurlitzer 200A piano will get to see daylight once again. In fact, I’m currently cultivating a Rodger Hodgson-esque beard in readiness for when the studio doors finally swing open.

So, as always, I hope to see you out on the road, out on the web, or just plain outta your head.

Peas and fluff,

Mick x

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